The Universal Mind Project℠

A profound meditation that is usable and practical not only for spiritual seekers but for everyone: business people, stay at home parents, mountain climbers, quilters… Through UMP® you will be guided to the higher aspects of your being and access a state of self love and acceptance, even bliss, where you will find your consciousness working for the greater good of All.

Enjoy the short video introduction or sign up for the full meditation below.

The UMP® Meditation

The Universal Mind Project℠ meditation was conceived as a tool to be made available to all people. Enjoy the program for free, or pay forward what you can to Suzanne and her team.


UMP Workshops

The Universal Mind Project℠ workshops are meant to compliment and deepen the original Universal Mind Project meditation. These workshops can be given in half day, whole day or weekend experiences by Suzanne Spooner. The workshop host can pick up to two segments for each half day; four for full day and all 8 for the weekend workshop. See below to book a workshop for your group or organization.

Finding and Working with the Source Within

In this meditative workshop you will be guided so that you can easily connect with the Source within. You will take guided journeys to the level of consciousness that still remembers its direct connection to all that is.

Mind / Body / Intuition Melding

This work will bring the trinity of human experience together to cohesively align and operate for the participants’ highest, greatest way. In this class you will work separately with the mind, body and intuition so that each component is heard and understood. Once that is complete the melding of the components will take place. The results of this experience will be an alignment of your human self..

Connection to Your High Self

The beginning of this segment will give you clear understanding of who your High Self is and how it works with your conscious mind. We will discuss how many recognize this aspect more often as their “gut”, intuition or inner knowing. In this exercise we will expand this understanding so that you can more easily sense the High Self and connect to it.

Exploring Your High Self

This class will more deeply explore your connection to your High Self. You will be guided to your inner awareness and answer questions about yourself and your life that you have always wondered about.

DNA Attunement and Activation

This class will align your energetic DNA in a way that demonstrates how each of us carries the God code. You will be gently guided even deeper than the UMP® DNA activation segment. We will take a journey into the cosmic DNA of God and work with your personal connection to it.

Love and Forgiveness

This segment will be a personal journey through the heart energy to know, feel & experience deep self love, love of others, forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others. Once we take away what no longer serves you, we will begin the understanding of loving ourselves truly and completely.

Self Love

This experience will intensify the end results of the Love and Forgiveness segment. We will grow the love of self into a powerhouse of divine movement and awakening.

Your Belief System and the New Reality

Here we will work with the foundation of a universal mind to open and expand the heart so that you can more easily create the reality of your personal and then more global life to represent the new reality of Oneness.


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